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Advanced VSR can update your old VSR System to the latest technology.   Two VSR System Models can be updated :

  -   VSR-8000    Sold by the VSR Technology Group of Airmatic Inc.

  -   VSR Model 8   Sold by VSR Systems & Service

Both of these units feature BLDC motors in their vibrators, which require closed-loop feedback from a resolver to assure tight speed regulation. 

These systems suffer two shortcomings, as a direct result of the resolver-based design :

  -  Reliability     Most of the maintenance issues of these systems are due to either resolver failures or misalignment (mechanical or electrical), or due to issues with resolver connectors or cabling.

  -  Performance    When tuning upon a resonance that also has a peak in power, this peak often becomes amplified by distortion of the resolver signal, which interferes with efficient drive / motor commutation.   Although peaks in power occur using our new sync motor driven vibrators, the peaks are typically ~ 30 - 50 % as high as those seen using a BLDC motor.

In addition, some of the parts for these VSR consoles are becoming difficult to find, or lack technical support.   Example :   The motor drive used in one of these systems was discontinued, and both parts and tech support were withdrawn from the market (Toshiba).

This is one of the reasons that Advanced VSR only supplies Allen-Bradley drives in their VSR Systems.    Allen-Bradley has a solid track record of providing long term replacement parts and technical support.

These retrofit systems also have enhanced safety :  The red mushroom pushbutton locks in the OFF position, so adjustment of the vibrator unbalance can be done without the possibility of having the motor start prematurely.

These retrofits convert the VSR System to a Model 8b, which is functionally and performance-wise equal to our high-performance Model 8a VSR System.

Contact Advanced VSR to discuss the options for reviving your VSR System to the latest technology. 

VSR Console originally built for VSR Systems & Service, upgraded with Allen-Bradley drive and new circuitry for handling the accelerometer and thermal sensors embedded in the windings of VSR motors.


Retrofitting program was able to use the original PC.

Customer found the new software to be far more "user-friendly" than the original.

Lower left corner of console front panel previously had a jack for the resolver signal, which is now removed, since the "self-sync-ing" motor used in the rebuilt vibrator needs no feed-back to achieve tight speed regulation.   Tightly regulated, well-controlled vibrator speed is a key element behind the performance of any vibratory stress relief system

Advanced VSR Model 8b Console
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