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Advanced VSR has state-of-the-art offerings in three product areas:

  -  Vibratory Stress Relief (VSR) Systems.  The VSR Process is used to minimize dimensional change / distortion that can occur during machining, assembly, loading, subjection to temperature change, etc., and in many cases is a suitable substitute for thermal stress relief (TSR) or Post Weld Heat Treating (PWHT).

Model 7.5 Vibratory Stress Relief System

On left :  Model 7.5 VSR System


On right :   3D Pneu Drive VDW Console


VDW Control Console

  -  Vibration During Welding (VDW) equipment, which is used to minimize distortion that takes during welding.   This is different than VSR, and is often applied to components that will not undergo precision machining, but are required to be fabricated to respectable dimensional accuracy.   These systems are also designed to reduce risk.   Electrically powered vibrators used for VDW pose a risk of both electric shock and causing a fire.   Our VDW equipment instead uses pneumatic powered vibration, which not only removes these risks, but also extends / eases using VDW in pre-heated welding applications, such as welding of HSLA steels or the weld-repair of castings. 

480 V MCC Custom Control Panel

Custom Electrical Panels:      On left :   480 V, 3 phase MCC  (Motor Control Center) being testing before being shipped to an electric utility.   Each motor features solid-state electronic motor protection, plus the ability to chose between local activation (for testing) and connection to the power plant's central computer.    Enclosure is sealed against entry by dirt, dust and sprayed water, and has a separate sealed compartment for the panel's disconnect switch.  

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