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Advanced VSR performs both on-site and in-house stress relieving services
40 ton 1 m dia hydroturbine discharge ring being VSR Processed
On-Site VSR Treatment :

Advanced VSR can either bring or ship a complete vsr system to your facility, and stress relieve your critical components, right on your shop floor. We do require information about the work-pieces, so that we can both qualify them as being good candidates for the VSR Process, and arrive fully prepared..

A VSR report (see VSR reports page in library) is normally included with such service, so that all vsr setups, vibration data and procedures are fully documented and provided to the customer.

On the left: a 40 ton, 4 part, bimetallic hydroturbine discharge ring is receiving the 1st of 2 treatments.  Typically these rings machine to within 0.010" - 0.020" round over a ~ 30 foot diameter.


In-House Stress Relieving :

For modest sized components, it is sometimes easier to bring the work-pieces to our shop than bring the equipment to yours. We are equipped to handle components up to ~1/2 ton. 

Here a 2 m long decanter centrifuge rotor is setup on a fixture receiving VSR Treatment. These stainless steel rotors must maintain very accurate dynamic balance, which is possible only if VSR Processed.

Tricantor rotor being VSR Processed
Vibration Analysis / Simulation

Often industrial facilities that produce vibration, whether intentional or not, require controlled vibration simulation together with analysis, to know how to modify structures or equipment.   

VSR systems are well - suited to generate such controlled vibration, and produce spectra detailing vibrational response.

Here a VSR vibrator is mounted on a structural member of coal-crusher building at a coal-fired power plant. Spectra generated by a vsr system powering it was used to plan a corrective course of action for the structure, which had been suffering excessive vibration amplitude while in operation.


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