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Advanced VSR has decades of experience in designing and building custom electrical panels, which also include the control consoles for our VSR and VDW systems.   We also have extensive experience with electric motor protection, which includes rotary electric vibrators.   These devices are among the most often overloaded and overheated electric motors in industry.  


Panels designed to power, control and protect such motors include designs using solid-state overload relays, pushbuttons and selector switches with gold-flashed contacts, and well laid out cable paths and connectors.   Separate conduit paths for high voltage and low voltage are standard. 


Combining these elements result in not only an extremely reliable control panel, but extension of the useful life of the equipment being controlled.

Below are just a few examples of the dozens of panels we have designed and built.   Components used in these panels include those made by Allen-Bradley, Sprecher & Schuh, ABB, among others.   These components can also be selected so to compliment legendary products used in existing facilities.   

Custom 480 Volt NEMA 4 enclosed VFD

NEMA 4 enclosed 10 HP / 7.5 kW VFD, with twin output for controlling counter-rotating electric vibrators.  Door mounted HMI gives access to operator to both controls and VFD programming functions.  Side-wall mounted disconnect switch avoids having high voltage sent to the door.  Laminated schematic affixed to the door interior shows full wire labeling, along with basic operating instructions.

Power generation plant NEMA 4 enclosed MCC

480 volt, three phase, MCC (motor control center) for an electric utility powers motors that are critical to proper plant operation.   Relays are nitrogen-filled and any fault event turns off outgoing power and reports the event to the plant's central computer (DCS). Control voltage supplied by solid state (no transformer, minimal waste heat) 24 VDC power supply.

Interior view VFD enclosure
Interior viw of MCC
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