VSR Reports

As part of our On-Site Service package, Advanced VSR generates a comprehensive report, showing the workpieces that were stress relieved, how they were setup to undergo the VSR Process, the VSR Chart Data, and the overall conclusion of the project.   Not all VSR Reports can be published.   Often such work is considered proprietary or sensitive in nature, but for those projects that do not fall into these categories, publication can appear here.  Often VSR Reports are used as primers or VSR Operator training support material.   They also can act as a template for VSR Users that perform subcontract work.

​​Alloy Fabrication furnace components destined for Carpenter Technology, cone-shaped mild steel fabrications, 112"  X  48"  (2.8 m  X   1.9 m).
Argonne National Lab VSR Report, 80+ pure titanium forgings, 12" round X 144" long, asymmetrical machining
Jasper Steel VSR Report, 3.5 ton mild steel motor-generator base, overall size 160" X 84" X 43" (4m X 2m X 1m)


​Rose Corporation, 135 ton capacity lifting yoke, mild steel, 17' X 15' X 2' (~ 5.2 X 4.6 X .6 meters) 23,600 lbs.  (~ 10 metric tonnes). ​
​Rose Corporation, 60,000 lbs. Ingot Stripper Frame for Carpenter Technology, 418" X 81" X 60"  (~10.6 X 2 X 1.5 meters).
Three D Metal Works, 25 ton clam shell halves, mild steel, 280" wide X 180" high (7.1 m  X  4.6 m)
​Voith Hydro - Brazil, VSR vs. Thermal Stress Relief Test, + several hydro-turbine components.



MAG IAS / Fives  Two groups of 8 steel plates (2 and 3 meters long) proved dimensionally unstable after thermal treatment.  One group was VSR Processed, and was VERY STABLE and ACCURATE, and was installed in a machine tool sent to GE.  The other group (no VSR) was remachined, and installed in a machine tool sent to Russia.  This machine proved to be a true problem when it arrived on-site. 
EBCO Industries - GL&V Stainless Steel Papermill Vacuum Box
EBCO Industries - 8 ton, 285" long Boeing tooling
Gerdau Ameristeel, 30 foot long electric arc furnace, rewelding of two lengthwise halves, VSR Processed on-site at steel plant.
Superior Machine is one of the largest builders of water-cooled equipment ( "water jackets" ) in the US.  This report describes the VSR Processing of such a water jacket, which resulted in a significant reduction in distortion that had been occurring during brace removal.
Alloy Engineering is a customer builder of components fabricated out of alloys used in harsh environments, especially high temperature or corrosive atmospheres.     A collection of ten stainless steel tubes held much tighter dimentional accuracy, as a direct result of being VSR Processed.
Alloy Fab Argonne Nat'l Lab Jasper Steel Rose Corp Lifting Yoke Rose Ingot Stripper Frame 3D Metal Clamshell VOITH HYDRO BRAZIL MAG IAS Fives EBCO Inds GLV Vaccum Box EBCO Inds Boeing Tooling Gerdau Ameristeel Superior Machine Alloy Engineering